A first attempt at a sinamay dress hat with a brim

Please scroll down for more pics and a description of how I made it.
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overall impression

An overall impression of how it looks on

detail of back - organza band

Close-up showing back detail of organza band

I wrapped a length of two-tone organza (from John Lewis) loosely round the crown - I didn't hem it, just cut it very wide and made sure that there were several layers of folding between the rough edges and the outside world, with the selvedge at the end and on top - then arranged the folds and stitched it all down, using a few beads to finish off
The peony was one I got from a Pound Shop - they often have lovely artificial flowers. I just pulled the stalk off and hot-glued the place where it had been to secure the petals, then glued it to the hat through the organza (which was more firmly stitched at this point.
showing peony trim

Close-up showing peony trim
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