Queen Mary

A ballad of Mary Queen of Scots in the traditional style
to accompany a performance of Schiller's Mary Stuart

Words by Jenny Howard ©2007; written to be sung to the tune of Young Johnston as sung by Betsy Whyte on The Muckle Sangs
Contact The Sewell Barn Theatre Company for a recording.
Communications Contents

1. Queen Bess goes out to Richmond Park
with dukes and lords to ride
Queen Mary walks in grey stone halls
her nourrice by her side

2. Queen Bess she sits in London town
her nobles standing by
Queen Mary sits in Fotheringhay
and she's condemned to die

3. Queen Bess's mother was the king's leman
although they called her Queen
And the death I die at Fotheringhay
she died on Tower Green

4. The Duke of Norfolk her kinsman was
who thought to set me free
Queen Bess condemned him to the death
that now she lays on me

5. Once I played my lute and danced
all in a golden gown
Once I was the Queen of France
once I wore Scotland's crown

6. The King of England courted me
the Prince of France me won
Three men have been my wedded lord
but now those days are gone

7. It's cold and narrow my bed has been
these years against my will
But tomorrow night my bed will be
colder and narrower still

8. Farewell, farewell my own young son
and long remember me
Though I may not be England's queen
still you her king shall be

9. And fare thee well, thou Tudor queen
I hope you long may thrive
But dead I still may prove your bane
as I have been alive

10. For deep though you may bury me
you shall not me forget
And though the rose's thorns are sharp
the thistle's are sharper yet.