From hatband to hat

The hatband as I intended I pleated a length of heavy purple satin into a hatband to do up this old hat (and covered the back join with another band of the same)
The band on the wig block on its own
Then while I got on with another part of the job, I plonked the band down on the wig block (back to front as it happened! ) to put it out of the way:
here's how it looked with some net And I thought, ooh, I could put a bit of net on that!
here's what it looks like filled in with satin
And then I thought, I wonder what it looks like with the top filled in with satin?
the inside of the top piece I did it by making a ring out of a strip of plastic (cut from a cellophane box and stuck together with insulating tape) and stapling the satin to it. I did it with the ring on the wig block as much as possible, to help keep it in shape, and used clothes pegs to hold down the bits I wasn't working on.
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