From a very useful book

Photo of hat from book (c) New Holland Publishers Ltd I didn't make this (well, I haven't made it yet!).

This photo is in a very useful book called
Hat Tricks: secrets of the millinery trade by Terence Terry [New Holland (Publishers) Ltd, 1998, 1-85368-639-5 (hardback), 1-85368-817-7 (paperback)].

It is full of whizzo ideas for easily transforming boring hats into fabulous creations (this one started out as the crown off an old straw hat), and will open your eyes to possibilities in design to release your own creativity.
I don't know how widely available it is, I'm afraid - it was published in Britain and may not be in print any more. But we've all got Internet access, haven't we?!
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NB this photo is (c) the publishers, and I reproduce it here for the purposes of review under the terms of fair dealing.