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This was the hat I made at a workshop with Valerie Corona at Walter Wright's factory in Luton

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The challenge was to design and make an 'Ascot hat'.

Here I am pinning the crown together (day 1) and binding the edge of the brim (day 2) - there were two very large brims, so this part took ages! The crown & the brim are really the same colour, but the lighting makes them look different.

Pinning the crown   Binding the edge of the brim


Here's the left side: rather plain and demure (apart from being 3' wide and bright red of course):

plain and demure


Moving round a bit, it becomes more exuberant:

3/4 view

Here's the front view - half demure, half decadent:

front view


Here's the view from the right - I was thinking in terms of lifting a floorboard and finding Strange Things growing there ...

side view right

Here's the back view - puts me in mind of an 1870s bustle! The wired beads are actually sold as cake decorations.

back view

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